qXR Lung Cancer

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Description of use

qXR - Lung Cancer is the world’s most deployed AI tool for early and incidental detection of lung cancer on chest X-rays. Chest X-rays account for the majority of all X-ray types processed globally. By incidentally detecting lung cancer through the identification of lung nodules between 6mm to 30mm, early diagnosis of patients is possible. The tool’s capabilities include the detection and visualization of pulmonary nodules and masses, assigning malignancy scores, and providing pre-populated reports. Patients flagged by qXR can be recommended for follow-up CT scans and added to the early lung cancer pathway.

Benefits of using the qXR LC:

  • Easy setup for a discordance workflow, enabling the detection of EARLY additional/incidental/missed lung nodules, thereby driving more patients to screening.
  • Second-read assistance with pre-populated reports to aid in radiology reads.
  • Enhanced sensitivity and specificity for radiologists.
  • Since not all nodules are cancerous, our proprietary algorithm assigns a risk score to each nodule. This ensures only high-risk patients are followed up, reducing overcalling.



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