Qure.ai qER

FDA & CE | Neuro | CT | Amplifier Partner

Description of use

qER provides secondary captures showing critical findings on a Brain NCCT and assist radiologists, ER physicians & neurologists in accurate and faster diagnosis, thereby improving their outcomes:

  • Flag critical findings and prioritize life threatening cases
  • Reduces turn-around time for critical cases
  • Reduces incidental findings, detects even subtle abnormalities often missed by human eye
  • Improves after-hours productivity and accuracy,
  • Sifts through thousands of head CT scans to separate critical cases from non-critical
  • Provides nuanced information for better decision-making
  • Helps reduce onset-to-treatment times
  • Meets stroke and trauma reporting standards
  • Enables progression monitoring by quantifying bleeds, midline shift, traumatic brain conditions

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