qER Neurosuite

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Description of use

Neurosuite/qER-ER is real-time detection, triage and notification tool that analyses non-contrast head CT scans for critical abnormalities including intracranial hemorrhage, fracture, mass effect, midline shift, cranial fracture, infarct, and cerebral atrophy.

Key Findings: ICH (and subtypes, midline shift, mass effect, cranial fractures) + qQuant which is (Quantification of ICH and subtypes, lateral ventricles, and midline shift) + detection of infarcts and ASPECTS scoring, LVO detection

Benefits of the AI model:

  • Improved accuracy of clinical diagnosis
  • Drastically reduces the time to reporting critical scans by auto-triaging and flagging them in the work-list - reduction of TAT by 97%
  • By auto-detecting intracranial hemorrhage, infarcts, qER model can ensure real-time care of stroke patients who are time sensitive
  • Reduced LoS in ER


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