qXR Emergency Room

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Description of use

qXR-ER is an AI driven application that aids in detecting comprehensive findings across lungs, pleura, mediastinum, bones, diaphragm and heart on a chest x-ray. The output generated has contours around all the detected abnormalities and a radiological report listing it with additional details.
Emergency room (ER) is one of the busiest rooms in the hospital and significant proportion of Chest Xrays ordered come from emergency room. Radiologists are expected to read the Chest Xrays coming from ER timely and aid in faster patient diagnosis or treatment, and thereby keeping the flow in emergency rooms faster.

Benefits of using qXR:
1. Significant reduction in TAT(<1min)
2. Reduce time to reporting and thereby help in effective utilization of beds in ER

Restriction FDA clearance: Qure’s Chest Xray solution has 5 FDA clearances, setting an industry record for the following: Endotracheal tube, Tracheostomy tube, Pneumothorax, Pleural Effusion, Cardio thoracic ratio

The application content is provided by the respective AI vendors.