The Sectra Amplifier Marketplace offers a unique selection of AI applications, mainly for the purpose of achieving value in clinical practice, simply, as a curated storefront. Here, you can easily navigate the ecosystem of AI applications that can be seamlessly integrated into your existing Sectra diagnostic application and imaging workflows. You will find applications to support the most prevalent uses of AI for radiology imaging, breast imaging, and pathology. As more applications become available, our offering will expand.

Two types of vendor partnerships in the Sectra Amplifier Marketplace

There are two types of vendor partnerships in the Sectra Amplifier Marketplace: “Amplifier Partner” and “Amplifier Integrator”. We want as many Amplifier Partners as possible—to provide a single point of contact, thereby decreasing your administrative burden.

Amplifier Partners

Amplifier Partners have created successful and commercially viable installations with Sectra customers and have been assessed under the Sectra technical and administrative supplier evaluation. The evaluation includes questions like:

  • What type of regulatory clearance do you have, and can you prove it?
  • How is your application integrated into the existing IT infrastructure and the PACS?
  • How do you address and organize your work related to data governance and security policy?

Amplifier Partners commit to the same values as Sectra when it comes to customer focus and service, which allows you as an end-user to have a single commercial contract and purchase the applications via Sectra.

Amplifier Integrators

Amplifier Integrators work closely with Sectra’s customers to enable the successful adoption of their technology. For these applications, Sectra plays the role of matchmaker; commercial contracting is carried out with the vendor directly. Sectra aims to welcome these vendors as Amplifier Partners in the future.

How to use the Sectra Amplifier Marketplace

If you are a Sectra customer, you can select specific applications in the Sectra Amplifier Marketplace and request personal contact from a Sectra representative to follow up and coordinate the next steps.