qXR Heart Failure

FDA, CE & Health Canada | Cardiothoracic | X-ray | Amplifier Partner

Description of use

qXR-HF is an AI driven application that aids in detecting comprehensive findings across lungs, pleura, mediastinum, bones, diaphragm and heart on a chest x-ray. The output generated has contours around all the detected abnormalities and a radiological report listing it with additional details.

Chest x-rays account for the bulk of all types of x-rays processed worldwide. Hence by incidentally detection and aiding passive surveillance of heart-failure, our AI driven solution analyses them faster (TAT <1min), significantly reducing the time of diagnosis and enabling early detection.

Benefits of using qXR:
1. Incidental detection of heart failure on CXRs
2. Significant reduction in TAT(<1min)

NOTE: FDA clearance restricted to Pleural Effusion and Cardiothoracic Ratio

The application content is provided by the respective AI vendors.