Smart Soft Healthcare

Smart Soft Healthcare is a European technology company creating AI software products for medical use. Our strategy is to develop computer algorithms and solutions that boost efficiency and provide reliable results in the eHealth market.

Smart Soft Healthcare aims at better, faster, and cheaper spine indication and treatment services for everyone.

Our first Digital Health project is CoLumbo. It was developed to offer a solution to the constraints associated with manual interpretation, indication, reporting, and the need to optimize resources and improve the quality of services combined with the lack of available solutions on the market.

CoLumbo provides segmentation, description and editable report based on lumbar spine MRI exams.  Our AI solution significantly shortens the time needed by radiologists, thus decreasing the workload on them, and allowing hospitals to serve more patients.  CoLumbo automates the processing, analysis, description, and reporting of lumbar spine MRI studies.  It also increases the accuracy of indicating measurements, reduces patients' waiting time, disagreement, errors of omission, and, therefore, malpractice costs.

CoLumbo has successfully passed clinical trials in Europe and the USA, and as a result, has obtained a CE mark certification and an FDA 510(K) clearance, making it the first fully approved AI solution for L-spine MR images for clinical use in both the USA and Europe.

Smart Soft Healthcare boasts an international team with vast experience in software and project development, finance, technology, and medicine with consultants being leading radiologists, neurosurgeons, and MSK specialists from the EU and the USA. Medical consultants for the project are Dr. Lawrenece Tanenbaum and Dr. Douglas Beall. Our team has numerous publications in medical and technical journals.