CoLumbo (EU)

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Description of use

CoLumbo is an AI-based software for reading and analysis of lumbar spine MR scans. CoLumbo is an assistant type of software that identifies and measures all major structures of the lumbar spine, through automatic segmentation, and provides a detailed description of findings in an editable draft report. The software is based on a deep learning algorithm and helps radiologists to reduce the patient examination time by up to 48% while also increasing the accuracy of measurements by up to 15%. An additional benefit of CoLumbo is the standardization it brings in reporting practices in the case of multiple hospital chains or medical imaging centers. CoLumbo has successfully passed clinical trials held in 3 European hospitals and in 5 medical centers in the USA. As a result, CoLumbo has obtained a CE mark certification and an FDA 510(K) clearance, making CoLumbo first fully approved AI solution for L-spine MR images for clinical use in both the USA and Europe.

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