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Description of use

IB Lab’s diagnostic support tool LAMA uses deep learning technology for automated and precise measuring of leg geometry to evaluate lower limb deformities. LAMA aids in the detection of genu varum/valgum by measuring mechanical axis deviation (MAD) and detection of leg length discrepancy by comparing right and left legs on bilateral images. Detailed analysis of mechanical and anatomical angles according to Paley allows informed decision making on next steps in treating the patient. LAMA’s measurements of HKA, JLCA and MAD are precise to within 0.3°, 0.8° and 1.1 mm and leg length discrepancy is accurate to 0.2 cm of expert readers augmenting reading results especially of non-experts. Reading time is brought down from 8 minutes to under 60 seconds needed for calculation.

LAMA highlights relevant clinical findings by applying latest international medical standards to enable timely and accurate decision making. The findings are summarized in a visual output report, attached to the original x-ray image and saved automatically in the PACS system. The AI-results are fed as text into your pre-defined RIS-template for accelerated reporting. The AI facilitates monitoring of disease progression by facilitating comparison of radiographic disease parameters over time.

The application content is provided by the respective AI vendors.