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Description of use

IB Lab’s diagnostic support tool KOALA uses deep learning technology for detecting radiographic signs of knee osteoarthritis and augments the reporting workflow. The AI-driven software KOALA detects the absence or presence of osteoarthritis according to the Kellgren & Lawrence grading system. KOALA provides precise and automated measurements of the minimum joint space width, detection of the absence or presence of the severity of joint space narrowing, osteophytosis and sclerosis based OARSI criteria for these parameters.

KOALA highlights relevant clinical findings by applying the latest international medical standards to enable timely and accurate decision making. The findings are summarized in a visual output report, attached to the original x-ray image and saved automatically in the PACS system. The AI-results are fed as text into the predefined RIS-template for accelerated reporting. KOALA facilitates monitoring of disease progression by facilitating comparison of radiographic disease parameters over time.

The application content is provided by the respective AI vendors.