ScreenPoint Medical

ScreenPoint Medical is the leading developer of AI driven image analysis technology which enables the automated reading of 2D mammograms and digital breast tomosynthesis examinations. With proven accuracy matching that of experienced radiologists, ScreenPoint's Transpara® system is the most advanced commercially available (FDA cleared and CE marked for both 2D and 3D mammography), exploiting Big Data, Deep Learning and the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence to provide an evidence based multi-vendor solution.

Transpara® is in use in over 30 countries worldwide helping more than 2 million women so far. Transpara® has the most independent clinical publications of any breast AI vendor, demonstrating its ability to help improve accuracy, reduce workload and to identify interval cancers earlier.

Transpara® is currently in daily use in a national screening program in Europe and multiple large prospective studies.

We focus on helping to improve breast cancer survival rates by detecting cancer earlier so that treatment can be more effective and less intense.