Primaa, a French company, pioneers a new approach to cancer care, utilizing AI-driven tools to further the precision in diagnostic pathology. Its core mission is to empower pathologists, professionals adept at discerning cancer biomarkers, in refining both the timeliness and precision of cancer diagnoses. Through meticulous AI-based methods, Primaa aspires for a paradigm where patients receive tailored care, optimized for promising recovery prospects.

Distinctive in its field, Primaa harnesses AI and deep learning algorithms to systematically analyze digitized specimen and biopsy slides. Earning a reputable stature in pathology diagnostic assistance across Europe, its defining attributes are twofold: an intimate synergy with medical professionals, emphasizing user-centric innovation, and a profound technical expertise anchored by a skilled cadre of data scientists. Methodically, Primaa's platform discerns pivotal biomarkers, enhancing the diagnostic procedure's efficacy and elevating patient care standards.