contextflow empowers radiologists to complete their daily workload faster and with higher quality and cost-efficiency by delivering a unique and scalable AI backbone that fully integrates into clinical workflows. Its core technology includes SEARCH, a 3D image-based search engine, which provides relevant statistics, reference cases and differential diagnosis information at the point of care within seconds.  

contextflow is a spin-off of the Medical University of Vienna (MUW), Technical University of Vienna (TU) and European research project KHRESMOI. Founded in 2016, we received the BCS Search Industry Most Promising Startup Award 2016, the 2017 Digital Innovation Award by the Austrian Ministry of Education, Science & Research, and were selected as one of 19 startups out of 700+ applications for the 2018 Philips HealthWorks accelerator. Most recently, the Central European Startup Awards awarded us Best Healthcare Startup 2019 - Austria.