The Galen™ Platform

CE | Breast, Gastric & Prostate | Amplifier Integrator | H&E

Description of use

The Galen™ platform uses an AI-based algorithm to automatically analyze images of digitized glass slides. Galen supports pathologists in the review and reporting of slides through AI-based tools such as case prioritization worklist, slide viewer, IHC preordering, cancer heatmaps, grading, measurements, non-cancer findings, AI-driven reporting and more. It helps pathologists improve diagnostic accuracy while reducing turnaround times and increasing lab efficiency.

The platform can be used also as a quality control application, where it automatically analyzes images of digitized glass slides independent of the pathologist’s workflow, raising an alert in case of a discrepancy between the AI algorithm’s findings and the pathologist’s diagnosis, outlining areas suspicious of including a misdiagnosed or mis-graded cancer for quick and efficient review, providing a safety net against error or misdiagnosis and enabling real-time quality control.

The application content is provided by the respective AI vendors.