Histotype Px® Colorectal

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Description of use

Histotype Px Colorectal is a cancer marker that is trained, tested, and validated with 4,500 patient samples to provide a risk-profile in R0 stage II and stage III colorectal adenocarcinoma patients. Patients with high-risk stage II and stage III cancer are typically treated with adjuvant chemotherapy. It is known that most patients will be cured by surgery alone, but there is a lack of reliable methods to stratify patients for risk of recurrence. As such there is a large medical need to identify those who may benefit from adjuvant chemotherapy to avoid overtreatment. By combining the Histotype Px® with pT and pN status (from TNM-staging) and lymph node sampling (>12 or <12), the treating physician may optimize the treatment plans for maximal clinical benefit and minimizing toxicity.

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