CE | Lymph node | Amplifier Integrator | H&E

Description of use

DeepPath™–LYDIA is a CE-Marked decision support system for outlining metastases on 20X-40X WSIs of H&E stained LN sections from adult patients with melanoma, breast (female only), colon and lung cancer (additional types TBA).

A WSI is processed within 10 minutes with Sensitivity>99% and a FPR of 9 False Positive segments per LN.

System utilisation accelerates the diagnostic process by up to 5 times per WSI. A much greater efficiency increase is expected because the maximum tumour diameter for all WSIs of a single case is visible at once.

The system is fully integrated in Sectra and the user doesn’t need to navigate to different software to view results, which greatly facilitates workflow efficiency.

When using this diagnostic aid, medical professionals are fully liable for the clinical report.

The application content is provided by the respective AI vendors.