Clinical AI Model for Prostate Cancer: Gleason Grade Groups

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Description of use

The Aiforia Clinical AI Model for Prostate Cancer: Gleason Grade Groups supports cancer detection and Gleason grade grouping from whole slide images (WSI) — supporting the pathologist in prostate cancer diagnostics by providing confidence and precision to Gleason scoring.

The AI Model enables rapid distinguishing between normal and cancerous tissue and automatically provides a quantitative Gleason grade score and grade group from WSI, supporting the pathologist in the quick detection of tumor areas. A medical professional can view images for a patient case in different magnifications and move in different x-y-z-locations, view image analysis results, and mark and measure features in the images. The product supports the user's visual interpretation and assists the medical professional in making the diagnosis.

The AI model is an aid to diagnosis but is not the sole basis for diagnosis. Medical professionals have the full responsibility for the clinical report.

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