Rayvolve – Fracture (USA)

FDA | MSK | X-ray | Amplifier Partner

Description of use

Rayvolve is an AI tool that detects all types of fractures for adults on X-Rays. It also sorts exams by priority order. This FDA-cleared solution is 100% integrated into doctors’ workflow and directly connected to PACS & RIS. It is clinically tested with outstanding performances, including 67% false negatives avoided and 27% time saved. Sensitivity is 99% on average / Specificity 89% & NPV 99%.

The software is directly connected to the PACS : each time an X-ray is available, the software downloads it, analyzes it, and sends the predictions back to the PACS via a DICOM protocol.

For the doctors, nothing changes regarding their habits, there is no additional click, and the predictions are generated automatically in the same series of DICOM exams and are done directly in their work environment.

The application content is provided by the respective AI vendors.