ProFound AI® for 2D Mammography

CE & Health Canada | Breast | FFDM | Amplifier Partner

Description of use

iCAD, the market leader in multi-vendor, computer-aided detection of breast cancer with more than 4,000 installations worldwide, introduces the latest in artificial intelligence – ProFound AI®. ProFound AI® is a precise, powerful and proven deep learning, artificial intelligence platform that assists radiologists with reading 2D mammography. The high-performing cancer detection and workflow solution rapidly and accurately analyzes each image, detecting both malignant soft tissue densities and calcifications with unrivaled accuracy. ProFound AI® is proven to assist radiologists in addressing the challenges of reading cases by improving cancer detection rates, while simultaneously reducing false positives and unnecessary patient recalls.

Workflow Benefits:

  • AI algorithm with superior performance for the detection of breast cancer and high specificity with low numbers of false positives
  • Certainty of Findings and Case Scores to assist in clinical decision-making and prioritizing caseloads
  • Workflow solution that renders quick results while analyzing each image for detections
  • Deep Learning technology allows for continuously improved algorithm performance via updates

ProFound AI® 2D - CE Mark Approved, Health Canada Licensed

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