CE | Neuro | MRI | Amplifier Partner

Description of use

mdbrain automatically translates image data into meaningful quantitative reports directing radiologists objectively to pathological findings – improves quality & increases efficiency.

Typical use cases:

  • Neurodegenerative diseases - brain volumetry incl. dynamics and comparison to normal values, morphological differentiation of atrophy pattern, helps with DD of dementia and rare diseases like MSA, PSP etc.
  • Multiple Sclerosis - quantification and regional distribution of white matter lesions according to MAGNIMS criteria, monitoring of lesion dynamics and brain volume to support NEDA4-assessment
  • Aneurysms – identification, quantification & monitoring when no intervention is indicated.
  • Brain tumours – detection & follow up, quantification of Gd-enhancing/non-enhancing core and edema.

Easy supervision via coloured overlays directly in your SECTRA IDS7.

The application content is provided by the respective AI vendors.