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Description of use

CINA-ASPECTS is indicated for use in the analysis of non-enhanced head CT images. The device is intended to assist trained clinicians, including stroke physicians and radiologists, in the assessment and characterization of early ischemic brain tissue injury using CT image data. The Software automatically reorients images, segments and analyzes ASPECTS Region of Interest (ROIs). The imaging features are then synthesized by an artificial intelligence algorithm into a single informative ASPECT(Alberta Stroke Program Early CT) Score. Beyond providing the ASPECT Score for both sides of the brain, CINA-ASPECTS provides a heat map indicating the probability of hypodensity and/or sulcal effacement in the brain, outlines and displays the infarcted regions, provides a summary chart with mean Hounsfield Unit per region. CINA-ASPECTS is indicated for evaluation of patients presenting with known MCA or ICA occlusion, for evaluation of the extent of disease.

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