BreastIHC: Ki67, ER, PR

CE | Breast | Amplifier Integrator | KI67 & ER & PR

Description of use

BreastIHC is intended for in vitro diagnostic use as an aid to the pathologist in the detection and counting of tumor cells in digital images of formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded invasive ductal and lobular breast cancer tissue which underwent immunohistochemistry (IHC) stainings against Ki-67, ER or PR. It provides support to the pathologist in the assessment of human breast cancer patients. It detects IHC-stained and unstained tumor cells automatically, classifies them into positively and negatively staind tumor cells and gives the respective clinically relevant score per biomarker. The detected cells are visualized to the pathologist. This image analysis is performed within a region of interest (ROI) that was manually outlined and assessed as suitable for analysis by the pathologist. The pathologist has to review the results of BreastIHC and is responsible for the final diagnosis that is recorded manually in the patient case record.

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