Qure.ai qXR

FDA & CE | Chest | X-ray | Amplifier Partner

Description of use

qXR has been trained to detect 30 findings in a chest X-ray

qXR – RAD Assist

qXR has a sensitivity and specificity equivalent to expert radiologists. It can assist radiologists by clustering their worklists into distinct buckets of 'Normal', 'Abnormal', and 'To Be Reviewed'. It can also automate reporting with precise findings and quantification. It can be used to manage overburdened worklists, enhance reporting speed and prioritize cases that need immediate attention.

  • Automates reporting to reduce reporting workload by 35%.
  • Automates reporting of all negative cases and nearly 10% of positive cases with structured report templates.

qXR - Lung Nodules

  • Saves up to $1000 per patient and additional costs of late diagnosis
  • Detects nodules with a higher sensitivity than radiologists

qXR - Critical care

  • Monitors placement of catheters and feeding tubes
  • Reduces turnaround time for critical pathologies
  • Detailed automated reporting for pneumothorax, pleural effusions, rib fractures, and pneumoperitoneum

FDA clearance is for Breathing Tubes (qXR - BT)

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